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Why is this course the right choice to help you master the SharePoint Framework?

  • It's an online, on-demand course meaning you can learn at your own pace.
  • You can track progress, using state of the art course delivery software.
  • The course is constantly being updated and added to meaning it's always up to date.
  • Once you've completed the course you will be a master SPFx developer.
  • Compared to a physical, in-person course this is a fraction of the cost!
  • Taught by the world's leading SPFx expert, Andrew Connell MVP

Meet your trainer, Andrew Connell MVP

Andrew Connell is the world's leading authority on SPFx.

  • Andrew Connell is a 15-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award for Office Development and Officer Servers and Services.
  • Andrew has spoken at large conferences around the world on topics such as client-side development, SharePoint and of course, SPFx.
  • Andrew has authored technical books for Wrox and Microsoft.
  • Microsoft has hired Andrew multiple times to speak at internal conferences and served as strategic and technical advisor to internal product teams.
  • He's taught hundreds of people in-person at Critical Path Training (co-founder).
  • Andrew is an active contributor on the SharePoint Patterns and Practices team (meaning he always has his finger on the SPFx pulse).

Buy the bundle to suit your needs (although we strongly recommend you take the plunge on Ultimate!)

Mastering SharePoint Framework - two bundles

Fundamentals Bundle

This bundle takes you from complete novice to competent SPFx developer (see below for break down). Please Note: If you purchase this one it doesn't include our bonuses. 

Ultimate Bundle

This advanced bundle will teach you everything you need to know about SPFX and more. This bundle gives you access to a private Facebook group, Office hours and the bonuses we're offering above.

What's in the Fundamentals Bundle?

If you purchase the Fundamentals Bundle you get all of these modules...

Introducing the SharePoint Framework - 7 lessons

7 lessons explaining why Microsoft created the SharePoint Framework to extend and customize SharePoint sites. You will learn what the SharePoint Framework is and what scenarios it addresses.

Setting up your Developer Environment - 12 lessons

The SharePoint Framework introduces a completely new development toolchain from traditional SharePoint development. This chapter teaches you what this it all about and get your environment setup.

Your First SharePoint Framework Project - 10 lessons

In this chapter, we will create our first project and see it run locally as well as in a real SharePoint environment.

Dig Into the SharePoint Framework - 14 lessons

This chapter will explain the different files and folders in the project structure, the different display modes, page contexts and environments and more!

Client-Side Web Parts - 7 lessons

In this chapter you will learn how to create client-side web parts and the files involved within an SPFx project.

Property Panes for Client-Side Web Parts - 10 lessons

In this chapter you will learn the basics of how property panes work within the SharePoint Framework. We will also demonstrate all the controls available to developers.

Leveraging External Files & Libraries - 8 lessons

This chapter will address leveraging external JavaScript and CSS style libraries in SharePoint Framework projects.

Extensions - 11 lessons

Microsoft’s goal is to provide parity in the things we can do with the SPFx with previous options. In this chapter you will learn how SPFx Extensions can be used to customize the user interface.

Logging & Debugging SPFx Solutions - 7 lessons

This chapter will walk you through different debugging options available to client-side developers as well as cover some of the logging options provided by Microsoft in the SharePoint Framework.

Creating SharePoint Assets and the Feature Framework - 6 lessons

In this chapter, you will learn how to provision SharePoint assets in SharePoint Framework projects.

Deployment to Production - 14 lessons

You will learn how to package your solution, the different options for deploying assets including content delivery networks (CDNs) and various deployment nuances.

Upgrading & Versioning Solutions - 5 lessons

In this chapter you will learn how to properly upgrade and version your custom solutions.

Working with jQuery in SPFx Solutions - 6 lessons

Learn how to not only leverage jQuery in custom solutions but also how to properly reference it in projects and leverage popular jQuery plugins as well as leveraging the popular jQueryUI project.

Working with React in SharePoint Framework Solutions - 9 lessons

In this chapter, you will learn the basics of using React within your SharePoint Framework solutions as well as leveraging controls from the Fabric React library.

Branding & Design: CSS, Themes, and the Office UI Fabric - 8 lessons

Branding & Design: CSS, Themes, and the Office UI Fabric

SharePoint Data Access with SPHttpClient - 9 lessons

In this chapter, you will learn how to leverage the SharePoint APIs to work with lists and libraries in your custom SPFx solutions.

Leveraging External APIs in SharePoint Framework Solutions - 11 lessons

You will inevitably need to call external services in your SPFx projects - that's what this chapter is about! Learn how to call 3rd party services both anonymous and those protected with Azure AD.

Leveraging the Microsoft Graph with MSGraphClient - 5 lessons

In this chapter, you will learn how to work with the Microsoft Graph API in custom SPFx solutions to get access to a user's email, calendar, contacts files in OneDrive and many more services!

What's in the Ultimate Bundle?

The Ultimate Bundle contains all of this (plus everything in the "Fundamentals Bundle")

Client-Side Web Parts - Advanced: SPAs, Microsoft Teams & More - 7 lessons

In this chapter, you will learn how you can leverage SharePoint Framework client-side web parts in more than just SharePoint pages.

Property panes for client-side web parts: create property controls - 5 lessons

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create a custom property pane control and use it within a client-side web part.

Connecting Web Parts and other SPFx Components with Dynamic Data - 8 lessons

In this chapter, you will learn how to connect two webparts together with dynamic data.

Working with Angular in SharePoint Framework Solutions  - 11 lessons

In this chapter, you will learn how you can leverage Angular, specifically Angular Elements (introduced in Angular 6) in SPFx solutions.

Automated Testing of SharePoint Framework Solutions  - 9 lessons

In this chapter, you will learn the practices of why you should test & what you should test and how to implement automated testing in your SharePoint Framework projects.

Localizing SharePoint Framework Projects  - 9 lessons

If you work for a multinational organization, why build a solution that targets just one locale? Building multi-lingual & localized SPFx solutions are easy and this chapter will show you how to do it!

Team-Based Development  - 5 lessons

While some of us work independently on our own, many developers work on a team on shared projects. In this chapter, we look at topics related to team-based development.

Sharing code between SharePoint Framework solutions - 7 lessons

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create and utilize library components in Spfx projects. But that’s not all, you’ll learn how you can have a more portable NPM package and use on any web project.

DevOps: Monitoring & telemetry with Azure Apps Insights - 8 lessons

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to implement continuous monitoring into your SharePoint Framework projects using Azure Application Insights, one component in the larger Azure Monitor suite or products.

DevOps: CI/CD with GitHub Actions & Azure pipelines - 8 lessons

In this chapter, you’ll learn how incorporate CI/CD into your SharePoint Framework projects using two popular services: GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines.

Creating Custom Gulp Tasks  - 8 lessons

Microsoft uses the popular task runner gulp as the tool to perform common jobs when developing SharePoint Framework projects. This chapter will explore how it's used and how you can extend it.

Customizing and Extending Webpack  - 7 lessons

This chapter will explore how webpack is used in SharePoint Framework projects and how you can customize it by modifying its configuration a well as how you can extend it using loaders and plugins.

Wait, there's more?

In addition to the above chapters, if you purchase the Ultimate Bundle you get this:

  • 13 Office Hours recordings (13 sessions where Andrew Connell discusses SPFx with the community.
  • Access to a private facebook group where you can discuss the SharePoint Framework with other Ultimate Bundle students.
  • All of our bonuses!

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